Author: Everything Marie

I realized everything I thought I had was just materialistic bullshit.

I had everything and always wanted more I didn’t enjoy what I had. Lexus, big house, beautiful furniture, nice clothes. I finally came to realize what I had when I lost everything. But I also realized more .. i realized everything I thought I had was just materialistic bullshit. What I had all along is

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Dry skin vs Dehydrated skin- LETS TALK SKINCARE

For years I thought I had dry skin. When this whole time my skin was severely dehydrated. The dry skincare products I was using on my skin wasn’t working and only making it worse. It wasn’t until I educated myself on skincare that I realized. Today I am going over the difference between dry skin

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DISCLAIMER** If you are against surgery Please do not read this blog or leave negative comments. I am not promoting plastic surgery or for you to get any work done. I believe everyone shape and size is Beautiful. I decided to get this done for my own  reasons. I am documenting and taking you along

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