Hello my name is Marie i am owner of Lavishly She is Beauty. I am married to a US Marine, and a mother of 2 beautiful girls. I believe in spreading love and positivity.

I was raised in NY. I had a rough up bringing and faced many obstacles in my life. Drugs and alcohol, arrested at 18. I changed my life around took my past burdens and grownn from them. My plan is to help and motivate others from my past mistakes and lessons i learned.

I was inpsired to started a blog because my goal is to reach out and inspire others by sharing my real life stories. I have had a rough up bringing and faced many obstacles in my life that I have always been very private about. I don’t want to be quite anymore I want to share my past and give hope to others that you can change and make a better future for yourself.

The reason why I named my company and blog lavishly she is because I wanted to come up with a name that stands for YOU ARE WORTH IT. I feel many people forget their worth. I am here to tell you You are worth it, you are priceless, you are one of a kind, and no one can be you that is your power. I want to reach out to as many people as possible and let them know how beautiful and capable they are. That’s why I started lavishly she is beauty. I decided to use the name for my blog because it’s everything I stand for.

At one point in my life I felt like giving up, I forgot my self worth, I didn’t feel like I had a purpose in life, I listened to all the negativity that people said about me and lost myself. I got over those obstacles and grew from my past and realized I am worth it, I am good enough, I am special and no one can be me.