Hello my name is Marie i am owner of Lavishly She is Beauty. I am married to a US Marine, and a mother of 2 beautiful girls. I believe in spreading love and positivity. Welcome to my blog Built on failure.

A little about myself.

I was raised in Buffalo,NY. I faced many obstacles in my life. Drugs and alcohol at a young age, arrested at 18. I grown from my past mistakes (rebellious ways) and changed my life around. I married the man of my dreams and started a new life and family in Charlotte, NC. My husband and kids are my biggest inspiration.

I’ve always dreamt of owning my own beauty brand. My love and passion for beauty started as a young child, I was a salon baby (salon raised) 20+ years. I worked as a freelancing MUA but I realized something… I enjoyed doing makeup but I was more passionate about the products. I was fascinated with cosmetics and always trying to perfect the imperfections. At age 25 pregnant with my second child I finally decided to start my own company. why fix already made products when I can create my own? Thats how LVSHI Beauty was born.

I was inspired to start my lifestyle and beauty blog to share things I am passionate about and speak my truth. The main purpose of my blog is because people see success stories and think everything was handed to them. 90% of the times is not the case. A lot of people don’t share their story and no one got to see how they became self made, I know what my future holds and I want to take you on my journey so you can see my dreams were built on failure.

Here you will also get an exclusive view on the latest beauty products, and new fashion that I am currently ranting and raving about.