Fitness Series Week 1- I LOST 5 POUNDS

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Hey loves my schedule has been very busy. I decided to post my workouts and food logs by the week instead of days. I will give you some tips and advice every week that you can do and make workout and food wise.

I lost a total of 5 pounds in 2 weeks. I know this says week 1 but I started a week earlier before I started posting blogs. I am loosing inches as well

My start weight was 147-148 I am currently 142-143

I lost 1-2 inches off my waist, hips, thighs, and arms.

*For the next month or two i will be mainly focusing on cardio / HIT training to shed overall body weight/ fat*

HIT (high interval training) some examples I start off with

*I pick 4 HIT workouts from this list and do 4 sets of each. Pick 4 from this list and up your reps when it gets easy *

4 sets of 30 jumping jacks

4 sets of 20 reverse toe touches

4 sets of 20 ice skaters

Jogg for 20 mins

4 sets of 15 knee highs

4 sets of 20 burpees

12,000 steps for the day i try not to sit down

Strength training

Pick 2 body parts to work for the day choose 4 different workouts for each body part and do 4 sets. for reps I start with 12 reps and work my way up every week .

I follow a Keto/ paleo diet not strictly but i try to eat clean and stay away from processed foods, breads and pasta. I eat high protien high fat low carb.

i also intermit fasting 6pm-9am and i drink WATER all day. water detoxs your body.

Bulletproof coffee with coconut oil or mct oil. I also like to take a shot of apple cider vinegar in morning

Choose a protein & fat for breakfast, I usually go for avocados and eggs. When I get sick of avocados and eggs I make turkey meat and get creative.

My lunch I lean towards something refreshing like meat and veggies or a meat salad. I like salmon a lot because its high it healthy fats.

Dinner I usually go for a protein shake I like lighter dinner. If I am super hungry I usually make, fish, or lean meat with veggies or avocado. I also like stir Frys I try not to use soy sauce instead I buy liquid amino. tastes just like soy sauce without all that sodium.

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