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I want to talk all about hair. i can sit here and talk about hair for hours. I was a Salon baby/  raised in a hair salon. Playing with manikin heads learning how to cut and color hair at young age. I became obsessed. I love hair products, hair extensions, hair accessories. I want to share what I use and what I can’t live without. 

I can’t live without hair extensions!

I always wear hair extensions. For those of you that don’t know I own beauty brand @lavishlysheis. The first product I launched was hair extensions. I’m super picky when it comes to hair quality. I’ve tried so many brands and finally created my own line. I only wear my brand. They are light weight comfortable, thick from top to bottom and the quality of the human hair last up to 2 years. 

Hair accessories is a must.

Scrunchies is a must have! not only to keep your hair from pulling in that high pony. But scrunchies look so cute with a half up hair style. 

Hair scarves! I LOVE HAIR SCARVES. Hair scarves are such a staple this summer but honestly I’ve been rocking hair scarfs for YEARS. So cute and will spice up any outfit you are wearing. 

 Rhinestone Bobby Pins are so glam. I love rhinestone Bobby pins for date nights or nights out, and events. If worn right they can be so sexy and really pull your outfit together. 

Curling wand. i use my curling wand faithfully. Every girl needs a curling wand. Depending on my mood I change the barrels. I usually go for the biggest one if I want body and wave to my hair which is the one I typically use. For beach waves I reach for the medium barrel. 

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