Fitness Series Day 2

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Hey loves here is my workout and food logs for day 2. I hope you are all staying motivated in your fitness goals and taking one day at a time. Progress happens over time not over night.

*For the next month or two i will be mainly focusing on cardio to shed overall body weight/ fat*

HIT (high interval training) i always start with HIT for cardio

4 sets of 30 jumping jacks

4 sets of 20 reverse toe touches

4 sets of 20 ice skaters

Jogg for 20 mins

12,000 steps for the day i try not to sit down


4 sets of 10 weighted sitting twists

4 sets of 10 standing side crunch

4 sets of 20 heel touches

4 sets of 10 starfish crunches

I follow a Keto/ paleo diet not strictly but i try to eat clean and stay away from processed foods, breads and pasta. I eat high protien high fat low carb.

i also intermit fasting 6pm-9am and i drink WATER all day. water detoxs your body.

Bulletproof Black coffee and a shot of apple cider vinager in morning

1 Egg with sriracha and avocado. I am obsessed with eggs and half of an avocado sooooo good.

My lunch is usually boring I always go for a salad or meat. Today I had Roasted salmon salad with roasted carrots, tomatoes and half of an avocado with balsamic dressing.

I wasn’t to hungry for dinner I just had a chocolate protein shake with 1 tbs peanut butter and unsweetened almond milk and 1 tbs of instant coffee. Tastes just like a milk shake

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