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I follow a ketogentic diet. High Fat, Moderate Protein , Low carb, Low Sodium. I am not super strict but i do try to watch what i eat, check my macros and i must have my bulletproof morning coffee (i will make a blog about bulletproof / keto coffee soon). I am also big on intermitted fasting from 5-9am.

Macros is what I follow to stay on track. i use myfitnesspal to keep track of my macros. Macros are the percentage and amount of what I should be fueling my body with. Macros are tailored to your body and goals. Everyone’s Marcos will be different  because It goes off of your weight, BMI, how active you are and, goals ( maintain , loose weight, etc) 

5% carbs 15-20 grams 

20% Protein 60-70 

75% fat 120 grams 

The calories I can eat for the day are 1,300-1,400 calories per day not to worried about my calories more about meeting my macros . I don’t want to under eat. 

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