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AHHH! I am back with my fitness journey series. If you dont know what that is please read my weight loss series blog here. When i originally tried to start this series i was in the process of moving so i was unable to dedicate my time to working out and eating properly so i ended it short but i am back ! I am finally able to make a lifestyle change and get serious. I have been consisent for a little over a week so far with my journey i started JULY 12th. I am already seeing results and feeling soooo goood! i feel strong and energized.

148 pounds i am 5’4 ( the heaviest i ever been! my pre pregnancy weight 128-130)

Arms: 13′

Thigh 24′

Bust: 36′

Hips: 38′

Waist: 32′

Glutes: 40′

I am not worried about the scale because muscle weights more than fat. If i did have a goal weight it would be 130- 135. My pre pregnancy weight was 128-130.

My main goal is to shed inches off my arms, legs and stomach. I am not going to be to hard on my stomach because i know after i get to my goal weight i will most likely need to get a mommy makeover my stomach muscles are split.

*For the next month or two i will be mainly focusing on cardio to shed overall body weight/ fat*

HIT (high interval training) i always start with HIT for cardio

4 sets of 30 jumping jacks

4 sets of 20 knee highs

4 sets of 20 ice skaters

4 sets of 20 cherry pickers

12,000 steps for the day i try not to sit down


4 sets of 10 plank up downs

4 sets of 10 dips

4 sets of 5 girl push ups

4 sets of 10 sitting twists

4 sets of 20 air punching bag

4 sets of 20 heel touches

I follow a Keto/ paleo diet not strictly but i try to eat clean and stay away from processed foods, breads and pasta. I eat high protien high fat low carb.

i also intermit fasting 6pm-9am and i drink WATER all day. water detoxs your body.

Black coffee and a shot of apple cider vinager in morning

Fruit smoothie with collagen powder and super greens

Chicken salad with almonds and tomatoes, avacado, and apples with balasmic dressing

Roasted Salmon and Asparagus

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