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I’m all about my hair. Hair products, hair color, hair extensions, and the overall health of my hair means everything to me. I was raised in a hair salon 20 + years watching, working and learning with the best of the best with my mom a cosmologist of 40+ years. Hair obsessed at a young age. I’m going to share my holy grail hair care products for strong healthy hair.

*Disclaimer I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned  * 

How do I keep my hair strong and healthy? 

Redken is a brand I grew up on. I’ve tried many other brands but I feel redken is unbeatable. Not only is it amazing but my hair is so use to redken. When i go to use anything else it works against my hair.  

Shampoo, conditioner and conditioning mask Redken All Soft I bought the entire line. ive been using this since I was little . I just started using the mega and i feel like this their old forumla for the original all soft. I’ve tried branching off and tested out different shampoos , conditioners and conditioning masks and treatments nothing compares. All soft leaves my hair silky smooth. Never heavy or greasy. I don’t know what it is about this line but my hair doesn’t look the same if I don’t use it. It’s magic. 

Leave in treatment- Pureology 21 Colour Fanatic Multi-Tasking Hair Beautifier this does not leave your hair heavy or greasy. This leave in treatment is a miracle . I discovered this at a salon when I had  Balayage done she used it on my hair and I instantly fell in love and bought a bottle. It Repairs dry damaged hair. I couldn’t stop touching my hair 

Shine SerumLavishly she is Deep repair hair serum or Redken all soft argan oil . I love argan oil my hair is nourished and happy whenever I apply it to my ends. I always get asked if I get keratin treatments or Brazilian blow outs. It’s argan oil! 

Heat protectant- redken iron shape 11 I am horrible when it comes to using a heat protectant I’m not going to lie I forget 70% of the time because I’m in a rush but YOU MUST USE HEAT PROTECTANT! I definitely recommend you do! Heat protectant really protects your hair with your everyday heat damage. Blow dryer, straightener etc it shields your hair from split ends , breakage, and damage 

HairsprayRedken Control Addict 28 Extra High-Hold Hairspray (anti humidity)  – I rarely use hairspray only on special occasions but i love love love this hairspray !!! Redken has endless amounts of BOMB hairsprays I simply love this one because it really does help with humidity it holds  your curls or whatever hairstyle you’re trying to hold and  LASTS FOR DAYS !!! 

Dry shampooBatiste is the best and affordable . You can’t go wrong with batiste dry shampoo. when I don’t want to wash my hair because I really want my hair to last me one or 2 more days but it looks greasy I use dry shampoo. 

Oil treatment– coconut oil is the best and natural oil treatment. I like to mix in rosehip oil and rosemary into my coconut oil. Rosemary helps with hair growth. My hair always hit a certain length and now my natural hair is past my breast.  I leave it in over night and wash it out in the morning. I apply an oil treatment to my hair once a week if I’m busy once every 2 weeks. If your looking to grow your hair I would recommend sticking to 1 x per week for maximum results. 


Give your hair a break from heat and styling. I know this is hard but sometimes your hair just needs a break and a good oil treatment. On weekends lately I’ve been relaxing with the family at home so that’s when I will do oil treatments let my hair air dry and leave it alone . 

Don’t wear your hair up to much it pulls and breaks your hair. UHHH I wish someone told me this sooner. I had so much broken hair and hair loss from this. Don’t wear your hair up to much! If I have to wear my hair up I use silk scrunchies because it’s not as harmful on your hair. But I still watch how much I have my hair up and how tight i have it. 

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