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Hey loves today I’m sharing another keeping it real story. Please read ARRESTED AT 18 first before reading this. 

Before I met my husband I was a lost soul. Abusing drugs and alcohol, partying every night. I was living in and out of friends houses. I didn’t like to be told what to do or hear what i am doing wrong. Telling someone what they are doing wrong is the worst thing you can do it just makes things worse. My friends houses only lasted so long until I wasn’t allowed to sleep there anymore . Luckily I had my car. One night sleeping in my car turned into two nights and 2 nights turned into a month. I had all my clothes and shoes in the trunk of my car and a small makeup bag. I would shower at friends houses and sometimes appear at a boyfriend at the time house but I wanted to avoid that since he was super obsessive ( same boyfriend from ARRESTED AT 18 blog )which we ended up breaking up to not long after that. 

I didn’t realize how far in denial I was until I got arrested and was attending outpatient rehab. I met my husband while I was finishing up my last week of outpatient rehab. We met and started going on dates and dates turned into me spending nights and a lot of time at his place. Then he cleared out one of his drawers to put my over night clothes in. Which I felt awkward to use. One night I went to get some clothes out my car like normal and he saw all of my stuff in my trunk. He stood in shock and asked “why do you have all this stuff in your trunk?” I didn’t have a answer. He asked “are you living out of your car?” I tried to play it off “ no this is just extra stuff” he just left it alone. 

The next morning he told me to bring up everything I had in my car. We both just left it at that. I was practically living with him. At this time I was sober graduated rehab and had a full time job. A couple weeks after I told him I was living in my car but I didn’t want him to feel bad and didn’t want him to let me move in his place because of that. I will never forget the look on his face. I was always a open book with him and laid out all my flaws since we first met. I told him everything he needed to know about me. He was always very supportive and understanding he always told me I am so beautiful and he didn’t understand why I sold myself short. I believe he came into my life for a reason he really helped me stay on the right track and had so much faith in me and taught me to believe in myself. 

I would have never thought I would  meet my soulmate in such a low point in my life . I never would have imagined my life could blossom into what it is today. Our marriage is so strong we been through the tough times and good times. He’s seen me at my worst and was the shoulder to lean on and push me harder and further in life.

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