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Hi loves today I am going to share another KEEPING IT REAL story. I was arrested at 18. YES you heard that right. Arrested at 18! I was at a point in my life where I hit rock bottom. Abusing drugs and alcohol, hanging out with the wrong crowd who encouraged this lifestyle. I didn’t feel like narcotics and partying everyday was doing wrong . I was deep in denial. 

One night I was out at my usual club downtown drinking with friends and a boyfriend of mine at the time. Me and the guy I was dating were at the point in our relationship where we knew it was ending. He still lingered along anyways to try to hold onto anything we had. He was kind of obsessive . I had way to much to drink and one of my friends really needed a ride home. I ended up jumping in the driver seat since no one else wanted to drive which I was pissed about. We made it to her house and little did I know I was being followed by a cop. Once me and my boyfriend was alone in the car he started an argument. I started to speed because he got me heated. So not only was I driving under the influence but I was also arguing and speeding. That’s when I seen red and blue lights in my mirror and pulled over. As soon as I pulled over I knew I was F**ked and was so angry I punched my boyfriend in the face for starting an argument with me. I blamed him for getting pulled over. 2 male police officers got out of their car approached the driver side and ripped me out of the car and immediately handcuffed me. They watched me punch my boyfriend in the face and took forceful action. 

As I was waiting in the cop car handcuffed and crying my boyfriend told them everything how I was drinking and driving. They kept pushing him to press charges and he said no. He took a breathalyzer and it came back with flying colors. I WAS SO PISSED AND FELT BETRAYED. How come he let me drive when he was sober? Was he pretending to sip on drinks and spitting them back in his beer bottle? These are the questions that was flowing through my head. 

When I arrived to the police station the 2 male police officers that had me under arrest kept man handling me. One even try fondling me but the other one told him to chill out so he stopped. 

After I was released I had an immediate court date for drug court and was sentenced to outpatient rehab. In rehab I learned I was in major denial on the path I was going down in life. Which I will share another blog on my rehab story. 

Out of everything that happened I believe everything happens for a reason. I am grateful that I got arrested. I know that sounds crazy but this is truly what changed me and made me change my life around. If it wasn’t for drug court and rehab I don’t know where my life would be but I wouldn’t be the person I am today. 

Disclaimer I am not proud of drinking and driving I could have killed someone.  It was one of the biggest mistakes of my life and I thank god that I didn’t kill or harm someone because of my horrible mistake.It took me a lot to share this story but I feel a lot of people can learn the seriousness of driving under the influence. It also played a life changing role in my life. 

Today there is so many options if you are out drinking like UBER, LYFT, or if you can get a designated driver. PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE UNDER THE INFLUENCE.

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