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At age 16 I was in an abusive relationship. I kept telling myself he will change. There was moments he treated me like a queen and told me everything I want to hear but that came around rarely. I kept holding onto those moments and telling myself that he was an amazing guy and he will eventually treat me better but I was so wrong. I wasn’t allowed to leave the house only he could. I would constantly get accused of cheating when he was gone. He would beat me , choke me, kick me. I was constantly humiliated in front of his friends and family for his entertainment. All I wanted was to be loved but instead I was mentally and physically abused. I was tortured. 

A year later it got worse and I tried running away. The first attempt to run away he caught me and dragged me by my hair down on the concrete. At this point I had enough but I was afraid to leave. He put fear in me. I dealt with it and tried to come up with a plan. Until one day we were both in the car parked in a store parking lot  he was arguing with me and I told him I hate him and I want to leave him, I told him I can’t live like this anymore. That’s when shit got real. He pulled out a knife out and put it to my stomach and said if I can’t have you no one else can. I became defensive since my life was on the line and I finally had the courage to elbow him in the face. I elbowed him in the face and jumped out of the car screaming for help since we were in a public area. Two men came and helped me and the coward he is he got scared and drove off. I NEVER heard from him or spoke to him again. I was free I got away. 

I am sharing my story to tell you if you are in a abusive relationship RUN. GET OUT! He will NOT change. I almost ended up dead . Please take my advice he’s not worth it. I am now married and with an amazing man who is the father to my 2 children. Don’t think there isn’t any one out there that will treat you the way you should be treated because there is. You deserve better. You are not a object you are beautiful and someone should feel lucky and blessed to have you. 

If you need help or know someone who needs help Visit https://www.thehotline.org they have online chat and a number to call

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