Weight Loss Journey Series

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My weight loss journey series will be coming soon. I will be documenting for a month (maybe longer) my daily workouts, daily food logs, start and end weight, messurements, and before/ after photos at the end. I am starting this series to help and inspire you. Loosing weight and getting on the right track to a healthier lifestyle can be stressful. Thats why i am blogging EVERYDAY all of my workouts and food logs for you to follow or get inspired by.

A little back story. I am a mother of 2. I have expierence in nutriton and fitness for 7 years now. Loosing weight is nothing new to me. This is my 3rd time loosing stubborn weight. My first time getting into health and fitness was in 2012 when i met my husband, he was in the marine corps i was unhealthy and out of shape he inspried me to get into fitness. I was at my healthiest and the smallest ive ever been. Then in 2015 i had my 1st child i gained a total of 60 pounds during that pregnancy. I was determited to loose all of that weight and more. My husband asked my why dont i get certified in personal training since all ive talked about was fitness and nurtition he seen how much passion i had for the industry. He signed me up for the course to get NASM certified. Durning that time with a 6 month old i took everything i learned from the course and my pervious knowledge from self research and experience and lost all my postpartum weight and more. It only took me a year to get back to tip top shape. In 2017 i was pregant with baby #2 and i also gained 60 pounds this pregancy but this time was a lot more stubborn than the last. I am currently 1 year postpartum and still have 15-20 pounds to loose. I am currently at my heaviest and i am not happy with the way my body looks. We decided on no more kids so i am going into this weight loss journey fully dedicated and determined to be the healithest and fittest i’ve ever been.

I am beyond excited to document every step of the way of this journey with you.


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