If you weren’t afraid what would you do?

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This year so far has been crazy for me. I am having strong senses and realizations about things in my life. My life purpose and path. I am also receiving a lot of signs/ signals from the universe this year. I feel like I should start sharing them as they come.

I randomly stumbled across an oracle card and it was at the perfect timing.

Warrior Woman

If you weren’t afraid, what would you do?

What are you being called to do or face that requires courage? If you weren’t afraid what would you do? Living a heart-and-soul-led life is not all fluffy and smooth sailing. Living a heart-and-soul-led life requires courage to triumph over fear.

So often our fears are the gatekeepers to our greatest gifts. And the more resistance we have toward answering a call, the more important it is to our soul’s growth. Sometimes fear is an indication that we are facing the right way.

Joan of Arc was known for her courage and her famous line: ‘I’m not afraid, I was born to do this.’ But the thing about courage is that it is not possible without fear. So, if you are feeling afraid, what is needed is courage. And courage comes from living from the heart.

Think of your fears as opportunities to expand, rather than things that are holding you hostage. If you look at your fears in this light then, as uncomfortable as it might feel, it’s actually a sign that you are on the right track.

I always preach this to my husband if you are fearful or uncomfortable about your journey or new path you have in your life YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK. nothing worth while comes easy or stays easy.

I took time to dig deep and answer these questions in my journal. I sat there going over my past and future burdens to help me really find the answer to this message and lets just say the outcome was soulfully fulfilling. This cards message affected me in a positive way. I was meant to hear this message.

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