Weight Loss Journey Day 5

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June 21st 2019

We are going to consider today as a cheat day. My workout will be great but food log not so much.

Woke up with great news ! My daughters fever finally broke !!! Yay she’s much better.

We are getting ready to move so we have a lot of packing to do.


We went on a family walk at 7am


4 sets of 30 Jumping jacks

Windmills 4 sets of 20

Knee highs 4 sets of 20 beginner

Jumping cross knee to elbow 4 sets of 15


5 pound weights

Rows 4 sets of 20

Back fly 4 sets of 20

Up right row 4 sets of 20

Chicken wings 4 sets of 20

FOOD – warning my food is not the greatest today. Also I had a cheat meal due to packing to move. my workout will make up for it today.

9am BREAKFAST: 18oz water ground turkey meat

12pm SNACK: strawberries 18oz water

3pm LUNCH/ DINNER: Wendy’s fries and nuggets . Really couldn’t make anything special due to packing and I honestly could have got a salad but today I said screw it.

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