Weight Loss Journey Day 4

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June 20 2019

After taking my daughter to the doctor we found out she has a virus and was running fever. We had no idea she was running a fever she wasn’t showing any symptoms other than screaming about pain. She took a turn for the worst on the way home from the dr her fever was at its high and she was completely out of it. I finally got her some Tylenol and she started feeling better. I Was up all night with her last night she was throwing up and her fever came back .

My daughters fever wouldn’t break today. She went to bed tonight with some more Tylenol . I’m hoping her fever breaks tomorrow it’s been 24 hours.


Today I did No workout. Over exhausted.

My Legs are super sore and stiff . Full body is sore but really feeling it in my legs


8am BREAKFAST : 18oz water ground turkey meat with spinach

11am SNACK: 18oz water apple with peanut butter

1pm LUNCH: 18oz water kidney Beans and rice

3pm DINNER: wasn’t hungry didn’t eat good today at all since i was over exhausted.

* We did end up going for a family Walk to get fresh air nothing crazy but I got some cardio in*

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