Weight Loss Journey Day 2

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Writing this blog a day late. I will have 2 posted today. On Tuesday June 18th I Woke up with sore abs which is expected. Also my gluteus are very sore from the HIIT circuit. I stretched everything out. I was unable to go on my morning walk/ Jogg at the park it was a rainy day.

Please make sure you stretch before and after every workout.


HIIT Circuit

Burpees 4 sets of 10

Cherry pick ups 4 sets of 20

Twist jog side to side 4 sets of 30

Reverse toe touches 4 sets of 15


5 pound weights starting light

Floor Dips 4 sets of 12

Over head tricep 4 sets of 15

Arm circles 30 seconds forward and back

Curl punch 4 sets of 15

Tricep kick back 4 sets of 15

cross overhead 4 sets of 20


very boring meal plan because I was super busy.

I always have a 18oz water before or after my meal. Usually before it helps with your appetite and not over eating.

9am BREAKFAST: 18oz water , protein shake I blend 1tbs of peanut butter, 1 Tbs of instant coffee , unsweetened almond milk 1 cup, 1 scoop of plant based chocolate protein powder , with ice. It tastes like a frappe from Starbucks . SOO GOOD

10 am SNACK : apple 18oz water

12pm LUNCH: spinach and broccoli. Very plan and boring lunch but I was busy . 18oz water

2pm SNACK : plant based nuggets not the healthiest but only at 4 . I consider this vegetarian junk food lol. It’s ok in moderation . 18oz water

4pm DINNER: 4 oz chicken breast with broccoli again plan and boring nothing to it. 18 oz water

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