Weight Loss Journey Day 1

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I am determined to get my goal body.

After having baby #2 I am on yet another weight loss journey but this time is very exciting because you get to see my progress as I go , I will be sharing my daily diary of what I eat , and my workout plan. I still have 15 pounds to loose. This journey isn’t just about fitness and weight loss it’s about being the healthiest version of myself and helping others in the process. I gained a total of 50 pounds during my pregnancy. I’ve lost 35 so far. The last 15-20 pounds are the most stubborn weight and hardest to loose. I am determined to get my body back and better!

My diet and workout plans are always successful . This is my 3rd time loosing weight. I wouldn’t be here again at square one today if I didn’t plan to have another baby. I do have a lot of experience in nutrition and exercise and I’m excited to share my last and final fitness journey with you. After this NO MORE BABIES. I am happy with my two girls.

DAY 1 JUNE 17 2019

Starting measurements

Thighs 24’

Triceps / Arm 12’

Waist 32’

Love Handle/ hips 38’

Butt 40’

Neck 12’

Calves 13’

Back / chest on top boob 36’

Start weight : 147 pounds


7am Jogg / fast pace walk at park

8:15 – 9am HIIT circuit & ABS


4 sets of 30 Jumping jacks

Jump and touch floor side to side 4 sets of 20

Knee highs 4 sets of 20 beginner

Jumping cross knee to elbow 4 sets of 15

AB workout

Heel touches 4 sets of 20

Elbow to knee crunch 4sets of 10 each side

Side lay crunch 4 sets of 10 each side

Standing twists 4 sets of 10

The night before I stopped eating at 5pm and I intermittent fast until 9am


9am BREAKFAST: 18 oz lemon water • 2 hard boiled egg whites •Cooked spinach and some tomatoes together with a half of avacado.

10AM SNACK: 18oz water • banana & grapes

12AM LUNCH: 18oz water • chicken salad with balasamic dressing , strawberries, carrots, tomatoes and half of avacado.

2PM SNACK : 18oz water • protein steamer Shared with my kids

4PM DINNER : Protien Shake 8 oz of unsweetened almond milk, tablespoon of peanut butter , chocolate organics protein powder and ice

5PM START FASTING ! I will only have water for the rest of the night .

Just a run down on what I follow.

High protein, low carbs, low sodium

INTERMITTENT fasting 5pm -9am

BLACK COFFEE only 1 cup

BREAK MORNING FAST with lemon water 18 oz


Buddha bowls


Lean MEATS / protein


Ground Turkey meat


Healthy fats

Fruits apples, watermelon , berries

Veggies Cooked or raw


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