How to get rid of acne FAST

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Lately I have been suffering with hormonal and stress acne this past month. When my face breaks out I freak out. There is no need to freak out anymore because i finally found the best way to get rid of acne fast. Using these steps it took me 4 days to get rid of my acne. 

Step 1: Don’t over do it! I kept scrubbing and washing my face and putting to much products on over irritating my skin. You don’t want to do that. A gentle cleanser will work just fine and a toner every other night. I use ACV as a toner see in my previous blog post . Since my acne was at its worst i used lemon juice the day i didnt use the ACV (dilute the lemon juice if you have sensitve skin). All of my products I use expect my cleanser is all natural from the kitchen . Natural remedies work best!

Step 2: apply an all natural mask! I highly suggest using Honey and cinnamon it works best. I applied this all over my face and waited 10 minutes before washing it off. You should apply your mask after your cleansed and applied toner.

Step 3: soak a wash cloth under warm water. Apply the cloth over your face and let the warmth and steam open up your pores .

Step 4: apply 100% all natural aloe Vera ! THIS IS KEY! The aloe Vera not only moisturizes your skin but it really does get rid of acne.

Step 5: garlic and ginger tea . I buy fresh garlic and ginger. i chop and peel 2 pieces of garlic and a thumb size of ginger with a cup of water . Let it boil for a few minutes

Garlic and ginger tea is a anti inflammatory great for your digestive health , respiratory illness, and amazing for your skin.

Other daily tips: Make sure you keep hydrated all day water is your best friend. AVOID DAIRY PRODCUTS! Add yellow and orange fruits and vegetables to your everyday diet . Dont apply makeup until irration goes down this will speed up the process. 

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