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I figured I would share my daily fitness habits with you. I am interested to hear what are your fitness habits ? leave a comment to let me know!

#1 Intermitted fasting: I always fast everyday. I am not really not hungry in the morning so fasting is normal for me it became a routine to eat breakfast around 9-10am.

#2 5AM workout: I will not have a productive day if I do not workout at 5am. 5AM is the only time I am able to do a 30- 60 minute workout without any distractions. My schedule is full and busy so getting a workout in before my busy schedule helps. It allows me to have a productive day creating a clear focused mind for my day.

#3 Detox Teas: I always find time to make at least 1 detox teas for the day but I aim for 2. My go to tea i make from scratch is a cinnamon, clove, coconut oil, with chamomile tea. Amazing for your digestive system.

#4 ACV: i take a shot of apple cider vinegar per day. ACV is powerful use for a clean digestive system, great for your skin, Helps with weight loss the list goes on. I also use it on my face go read my previous blog on that if you haven’t already.

#5 Lemon water: Warm lemon water to be specific. In a perfect world I would love to have a Gallon of water per day but lets be honest I’m human and sometimes that just doesn’t happen. aiming for 5-8 cups is realistic and works for me.

#6 3PM workout. This is something new I am trying and i’m loving it for an afternoon pick up. I am usually fatigued around 1-2pm so getting 20 mins minimum of cardio around this time is the perfect pick me up to get me through the rest of the day.

That is my daily fitness habits aside from clean eating. Let me know your daily health/ fitness habits in the comments.

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