How To Choose The Right Thickness Of Hair Extensions?

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If you are looking to buy some LVSHI Beauty hair extensions online, one of the most commonly asked question is what does grams mean? and what grams are right for me?

In this blog post, you will learn how to choose the right thickness for your hair type. LVSHI Beauty offers five different weights: 160g, 180g, 220g, 260g and 300grams.

What is grams? Grams are the weight/ thickness of the full set, LVSHI Beauty offers five different weights: 160g, 180g, 220g, 260g, 300g. Each set comes with 8 wefts of hair. Each weft is full from top to bottom.

How do I choose which gram is right for me?

160G – Who have thin to regular thickness hair and are looking to add length and natural looking volume to their hair. NOTE *if you have very thin hair we recommend only using a few wefts, not all the time you have to use a full set of hair extensions. Each strand of our extensions are full from top to bottom. Most customers only use a few wefts to add length for a more natural look.

180g- who have regular to medium thickness hair and are looking to add extra length and volume to their hair.

220G- are recommend for medium to thick hair. this set is designed for those who

  • Already have naturally thick hair and just want to add length.
  • Those who have medium thickness hair but want a more volume and length.

NOTE * If you have regular hair you can use a few wefts out of this set to add volume and length and save the rest for when you need them. We have customers who use 2-4 wefts out of this set.

260G- who have thick hair and want to add the ultimate volume.

300G- For thick hair that wants to add DRAMATIC volume.

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