Get More Wear Out of Your Fake Eyelashes

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INVEST IN HIGH QUALITY LASHES! High quality lashes make a huge difference in comfort and longevity. Some of my customers go 2 months without needed a new pair. Get more wear out of your fake eyelashes here’s how!..

DON’T WASH THEM! Yes you heard me! I cringe every time I see a sponsored ad dipping the strip lash in water. Most lashes can handle water but you will never get the fluff back.

To keep your lashes looking brand new every time you apply them avoid washing your lashes and don’t apply mascara. Most lashes are full and wispy enough that they don’t need mascara. To clean your lashes use a spoolie to brush them before and after you wear them.

How do I clean my lashes if I don’t wash them? Take any old lash glue off the band. For this you will need a pair of tweezers GENTLY pull any old built up lash glue off the band. You don’t need to do this every time just went the lash glue its built up you can tell because it becomes thick.

With these simple steps my lashes always last me 30+ wears.


Don’t wash, remove lash glue with tweezers, brush them with a spoolie. Simple and gets the job.


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